Indian Culture

Every region in India has its own resources, and have indigenous climate. They have specific soil and its own type of people. Indian culture paintings are my soul of creations. Being an Indian, it expands my creativity to explore the painting vested in our culture. In turn, that reflects my works even in the minute detail. More works here….


Inspirations for many figurative paintings by Indian artists are from their livelihood. Figurative paintings does have some prerequisites while starting out to paint. It is an interesting process to put the features right in the place and bringing out the color of the skin. The color of the skin differs from country to country and region to region. Indian skin ranges from pitch black to very fair in complexion. It is quite hard to achieve this complexion that it is why it drives me into attempting such figure works. More works here…

Still life & Plein Air

Still life and plain air are subjects that I do when I get extremely bored of figurative and portraiture works. This is when I try to do something new just to refresh my mind and my color ideas. Most of the plain air and still life are works that I choose to do right from life so most of the experiences are very enjoyable. It is simply very easy to study the subjects and colors when they are in front of us. Check out my enjoyable experiences here. More works here…

Oil on canvas, which is popularly called oil painting is the most supreme medium. There is no death for oil painting if the treatment before the painting and after the painting are done thoroughly as in the books. Ramya loves to do oil painting for the kind of techniques that have been invented so far with the medium. Her works are very original from the heart. If you are looking for original oil paintings, you may be interested in her works.

She does large oil paintings with utmost passion as she loves to explore light and try to bring the mood that is there on her mind. Her style is recognised to be contemporary oil painting by most veteran artists. She has a flair to explore skin and curves and that is why you can see a lot of oil painting w