Oil Painting Course for current students

This course is designed by Artist RamyaSadasivam.
It is an online course, pre-recorded videos.
If you have joined Portrait drawing course for beginners, you are eligible for this course.
This course is suitable for 15+ yr kids and all adults.
This course teaches you 5 different Indian skins – fair brown, very fair, dusky brown, dark brown and very dark.
One time fee, 2 years of access.
It has 24 hours of teaching.
It teaches you freehand portrait painting and grid method.
Doubt Clarification Facility : You can get all your doubts clarified via mail, the Artist will be personally replying to your mails and clarifying all your doubts for 2 years from the purchase of the course.
Certified course – As soon as you complete the course, you will be issued a Course Completion Certificate (soft copy) from the institute, attested by the Artist RamyaSadasivam.

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Rs. 6400

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Rs. 3599 (USD 43.29)

Please leave your correct mail id during the purchase. After the purchase, you will be enrolled in the course immediately.

Please call or whatsapp on 9176691911 in case you have questions regarding this course.

Skin Colors Taught In The Course

Dark brown Indian
Very dark Indian

Fair Brown Indian

Very fair Indian

Dusky Brown Indian

Topics covered

Portrait Painting (Oil Medium)
1Preparation of canvas & preservation of the painting
2Creation of values
3Painting facial features – 3 colors
4Construction of face – Instructional video (Sai Pallavi)
5Construction of face – Instructional video (Priyanka Chopra)
6Introducing you to color
7Facial features – Colors
8Color study with photo as reference
9How to create a portrait using grid ?
10Freehand / how to do portrait study from life
11Different Indian skin tones
         * Fair Brown skin
         * Very dark skin 1
         * Very dark skin 2
         * Very fair skin
         * Dusky brown skin
         * Dark brown skin
         * US fair skin
12Painting hair
         * Dark hair
         * Brown hair
13How to create the effect of realism – 2 day study
145 Monochromatic portrait paintings demos
157 Different Indian skin color demos
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