Portrait Drawing Course for beginners

Realism (pencil) & Hyper-realism (charcoal)

Course Explanation in English

Course விவரம் தமிழில்

Portrait drawing Course for beginners – in a gist

This course is designed by Artist RamyaSadasivam.
This course teaches you how to create portraits using freehand style and grid method , how to achieve realism (pencil) and hyper-realism (charcoal) in portrait.
After this course, you will be able to do realistic portraits, both freehand and the grid style.
Please remember freehand and artistic realism are rarely taught.
It is an online course, pre-recorded videos.
This course is suitable for 11+ yr kids, adults and all beginners.
The duration of the course is 50 hours which is split into 27 hours of teaching (70+ chapters) & 23 hours of demo.
The course is in English (simple English), with English subtitles.
You can watch it in any smart phone, tab, laptop or desktop.
One time fee, 5 years of access to the course.
What to do in case of doubt: You can get all your doubts clarified via mail, the artist will clarify your doubts. This doubt clarification facility is available for 1 year from the date of purchase.
Certified course – As soon as you complete the course, you should send your portrait drawing via mail to the artist, your work will be corrected by the artist and you will be issued certificate of completion (soft copy) from the institute, signed by the artist.

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Course fee is Rs. 5100, only until September 25, 2023

(After September 25th, the course fee will be Rs. 8000)

Online bank & UPI transfer

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Name of Beneficiary: Ramya S.V.
Bank Name: Union Bank of India
Account Number: 436802010007003
IFSC Code: UBIN0543683
Please send us a screenshot of the payment through Whatsap +91 9176691911. Then you will be enrolled in the course immediately.
Please call us on 9176691911 in case of doubt.

Course syllabus

1Introduction to the course
2Basics of pencil drawing
3Understanding eyes
4Understanding nose
5Understanding lips
6Understanding teeth
7How to draw curly hair
8How to draw gray hair
9Basics of face drawing (Andrew Loomis technique)
10Pre-Face drawing exercise
11Assumption of placement of features
12Face drawing techniques
13Facial angles and reactions
14How to achieve realism (instructional demo from photo)
15How to create a commission portrait
16How to create a portrait using grid
17How to draw someone sitting in front of you and posing for you (freehand)
18Special cases
              *Protruded teeth
              *Bald head
              *Squint eyes
              *Disheveled beard
              *Person with spectacles

For Students outside India

Students outside India can join the course here

Rs. 5100 or (USD 61.32)

Please send us a screenshot of the payment through Whatsap. Then you will be enrolled in the course immediately.
Please call us on 9176691911 in case of doubt.


It is really a helpful portrait drawing course indeed as you have mentioned earlier. I am getting to learn pretty interesting perspective and approach to portraits as I progress through the course.

Raakesh Naainar

Hi Madam, this is Ramya. Started practicing eyes now. You are really a nice artist and your explanation was very clear and easily understandable.

Ramya Babu

Hi Ramya, I am going through the course. It is really awesome and I am enjoying it. Thanks for the wonderful explanations in the video. I was blindly drawing all these while.


Hi Ramya, Good morning. Your portrait drawing technique is very easy to understand. Thank you so much.


Hi Madam, I am happy to learn from you. Your techniques are helping a lot. As far I have completed, different types of eyes. I am practicing and following steps stated by you. Thank you.

Dr. Gnanam

Guruji, I have gone through the basics around 4 – 5 classes. Your teaching is ek dum simple and excellent, like the food cooked by my mother. The feeding is enough for me, I will start practicing from today.

Ameer Khan

Happy teacher’s day, I am very benefited with your drawing videos Madam. Thank you so much for your guidance.


This is her youtube channel