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In the olden days, when there was no camera, artists were assumed to be the evidence of the society and the culture. Artists and writers were the reflection of truth then. I would like to think of myself as an artist that reflects the culture that is practiced in India during my existence. Culture does not essentially have anything specific related to it. It is not always important that it is related to the religion or caste. It may vary from area to area depending on various criteria such as people’s mindset, their brought up, the values they were taught and several such things. Here you can find my artist paintings for sale.
I would like to portray in my paintings everything that is common in the state I live or the country I live. Every region has its own bright sides. Chennai is such a beautiful place to live. We can see a lot of trees draped with yellow clothes around it. Few call it a superstitious act while I call it a creative way to save trees. In our place, parents think boys should be educated more than girls. They have their own sets of beliefs. The art of pottery is very common in India. India is a hot country so we prefer drinking water from pot. These are the themes that you can find in my artworks. These oil paintings for sale by artist can be found on this site. Anything that is common in India that inspires me reflects on my canvas. You can find a lot of Indian paintings for sale here.

Ramya Sadasivam has been practicing art since 2006. She so loves to portray Indian culture, customs, day to day chores of the hard working laborers, happy village life and life of women.

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