Portrait painting course - Medium oil

Portrait Painting Course – Medium Oil

The Basics, Techniques & Nuances

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Portrait painting course in a gist

19 hours of course, 42 chapters
2 portrait painting demos from life, 6 demos from photo & 1 still life demo from life
Recorded videos
Lifetime access to the course
Rs. 3000 (One-time fee)

Objective of the Portrait painting course

After this course, you will be able to paint from life, with a model posing for you.
After this course, you will be able to paint a portrait from photo, grid-free.

What does this painting course teach ?

This course teaches you everything about the oil painting, preparation of canvas, color mixing, materials to be used and preservation of the painting.
At the end of this course you will know how to study a face from photo and real life using oil (color & monochromatic).

Is this course suitable for beginners ?

This course is suitable for anyone that knows the basics of portrait drawing. If you know how to study and create a portrait using pencil, you are eligible to study this course.

Duration of the portrait painting course

8 hours of teaching
30 Chapters figure drawing demos
4 still life demos
5 portrait painting demos from photo
5 portrait painting demos from real life

Is this portrait painting course suitable for kids ?

No, this course is only for the adults.

Language of the portrait painting course

The course is in English, because all the technical terms are in English, but the course is in simple English, so anyone can learn this course.

How to get the doubts clarified?

There is an email id mentioned in the course, you can mail me all your doubts. I will be coming live on Facebook every month end to clear all your doubts. This doubt-clarifying facility is available for one year from the purchase of the course. 

Advantages of this painting course

It is a one time fee. And then the course is yours, you can watch and learn it at your convenient timing. 
You can repeat the course any number of times you want.
Anyone with this credentials can learn the course.
The course is yours for lifetime. 
WhatsApp in case of doubt

One time Purchase

You are getting all of this for only Rs.3000. Remember that it is a one-time purchase.
As soon as you purchase, you will be enrolled in the course in a span of 20 minutes and you can start learning immediately.

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About Artist RamyaSadasivam

Artist RamyaSadasivam has been practicing art for 12 years now. She is known for her freehand portrait drawing skill. She has a natural knack for visual measurement of face and facial features, observation and recreation of the same on paper. You can find it in her pencil portrait drawings the way she brings beauty, life and resemblance of the models posing for her. She is also known for her grid-free pencil portrait study from photo.


  • Prafulla Dahanukar Award for Kalanand Contest 2016 “
  • Tamil Nadu Best Artist 2016”
  • Spandan Best Artist Award, April 2016 (Small National Award)
  • Camlin National Award Nomination 2016 (National Recognition)
  • Tamil Nadu Tourism State Level Painting Nomination 2017
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I directly purchased the oil painting course, then I realised I had to finish pencil portrait course in order to understand this course. I purchased both the courses, finished pencil portrait, now half way through oil painting. I am having fun.

Pushpa Thirumani

After joining this course, I bought oil painting tubes for Rs. 3000. Never knew portrait painting was this easy. Worth it. Loving my time painting. I even tried live painting once.

Praveen Yadav

I have been Ramya’s student for the past 4 years. I have seen her paint in real, with such patience and passion. This course teaches a lot of things like the brushes and how to prepare canvas. Now I am painting more confidently.


I am a beginner, this course is good for dummies like me. Very recently I tried a portrait from life. Now I know how to start a portrait freehand and finish it. I will be practicing more to perfect my skill. Thanks Ramya.

Priyanka Thripathi

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Portrait painting from life

Portrait painting from photo

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