Combing 2

My hair is all tangled and let start combing my hair. Yes, that is what she is thinking about. She is not bothered about the others around her or their judgment. It was a huge challenge to bring the color and reflection out of skin. Indian skin is absolutely tricky. It has a combination of green and blue. All that we see is not what exactly that is there. It is much more than what one can imagine!!!
Medium: Oil painting on Canvas
Size: 20 * 16  Inches
Availability: Available
Year of Creation: 2017
Status: Stretched , Unframed
Shipment: Canvas roll in tube

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Ramya Sadasivam has been practicing art since 2006. She so loves to portray Indian culture, customs, day to day chores of the hard working laborers, happy village life and life of women.

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