Girl Near Thulasi Madam

Many Indian women are brought up in orthodox Hindu families. Most people follow Hindu religion in India. Here, a girl near thulasi mattam offers her prayer.  Thulasi mattam (Ocimum tenuiflorum) is a core aspect in their day to day following and worship. People are taught to bath early in the morning and circle the mattam, in order to increase their positive vibrations. It provides sufficient oxygen supply for the surroundings and also has a lot of scientific values. This plant is highly known for its herbal significance. As soon as the skin of human body opens up after a bath, the herbal benefits of the plant gets transferred to us as well. This leaf helps the digestion and reduces cancer. A girl is sitting near a Thulasi Mattam at dawn for her prayers. She also aspires to receive Vitamin D and some random thoughts made her to blush. Paintings of thulasi leaves were exciting to me and this is one of my best thulasi mattam painting available for sale.

Ramya Sadasivam has been practicing art since 2006. She so loves to portray Indian culture, customs, day to day chores of the hard working laborers, happy village life and life of women.

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