Night Life

Painting Night life , 8 * 11 inches, oil painting on substrate canvas.

Contact: If you would like to know more about this painting please call / whatsapp me to 09962695960.

This is my painting ” Night Life ” 8 * 11 inches. I was so inspired by one of my senior artists that I wanted to do a nocturnal scenery. This is view from the top of our house’s water tank. I sat there and with minimum lighting, say the light from my mobile, with my mobile in one hand for light and the brush in the other hand I did this painting. I am quite happy with the work, actually more than happy. So this is how the painting looks in broad day light. Thank you for your time

Medium: Oil painting on Canvas
Size: 8 * 11 Inches
Availability: Available
Year of Creation: 2019
Status: Stretched , Unframed
Shipment: Canvas roll in tube

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