Pre-cooking , 8 * 10 Inches , oil painting on substrate canvas.

Contact: If you would like to know more about this painting please call / whatsapp me to 09962695960.

This is my painting “Pre-cooking” 8 * 10 inches, oil painting on substrate canvas. Still life is a subject that I choose rarely to paint. The mood to try a still-life only gets provoked in me when I get inspired by another painting by a veteran artist. Still-life is something I strictly try outdoors under scotchy sun or in my studio where there is enormous inflow of light. This I tried with a few vegetables that were home at that time which my mom had kept for cooking, and that is why the name pre-cooking. So this is how the painting looks in broad day light.

Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 8 * 10 Inches
Availability: Available
Year of Creation: 2019
Status: Stretched , Unframed
Shipment: Canvas roll in tube