Cross Legged

Cross legged , 8 * 10 inches, oil painting on substrate canvas.

Contact: If you would like to know more about this painting, please call / whatsapp me to 09962695960.

This is my model Ruth, she is an anglo-Indian made to be dressed like an Indian. This is quite a difficult pose to give, it is not easy to sit in this position for a longtime. Ruth had to take several breaks but she came back to the same position and co-operated as much as possible. I did a rough sketch of her from life and then I used the help of her photo to fill up the rest of the painting.

So this is how the painting looks in broad day light.

Medium: Oil painting on Canvas
Size: 8 * 10 Inches
Availability: Available
Year of Creation: 2019
Status: Stretched , Unframed
Shipment: Canvas roll in tube

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