Fetching water in Anda

Video shot of the painting

Realistic oil painting

This is my painting “Fetching water in Anda”. Most of the places in India have less or no water supply. Several North Indian states and a few of the South Indian places have water scarcity as a problem. Particularly in villages, this is a very huge issue. Most young men and women are trained to bring water from lakes or some kind of water resources that are near them. This is one such scene where a young Indian girl is fetching water from one of the nearest water bodies, she is carrying water in an anda and also in the small bottle that is in the other hand. As you can observe, the area is slightly hot and that is why there is reflection on her arms.
So this is how the painting looks in broad day light. If you are interested in purchasing this painting, please contact us.
Medium: Oil painting on Canvas
Size: 20 * 16 Inches
Availability: Available
Year of Creation: 2019
Status: Unframed
Shipment: Canvas roll in tube

Ramya Sadasivam has been practicing art since 2006. She so loves to portray Indian culture, customs, day to day chores of the hard working laborers, happy village life and life of women.

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