How to sell a painting online РExplained with more than 10 ways

So, how to sell a painting online ? Let us dig through, shall we ?
Sell paintings online
There are several successful online art galleries such as, Zoho.Com, These are few of the Indian sites where you can sell your works. There are few other global sites like Fineartamerica, Saatchiartonline, Painterskey and so on. So, how do you sell your artworks here? Patience is the key. You have to create your own network. How do you create your network anywhere? The secret ingredient here is to socialise with the other artists, communicate with them, compliment their work and create a fan base for yourself through this network, up your profile status on the site with whatever mechanism the site has and your sales will start to happen.
 One very important thing is to share high resolution and nicely captured photograph of your artworks. If your medium is oil, ensure you cut the glare when you photograph your painting, crop the photograph accurately and then publish them on your sites.
If yours is pencil work or a water painting, you would go for a glass frame. Make sure you take a good photograph of the painting before framing it.
How to sell a painting online on Youtube
Sell paintings online
Video marketing is everything. This is the future of internet marketers. Your artwork looks much better in a video format. It is the next thing close to viewing your painting in real. Of course nothing is going to beat viewing and enjoying an artwork in real, but this is the second closest thing which has the capacity to give a very real-time close up effect of the painting. Audience will be able to have a rough estimate of the size of the painting and the color of it too, which could give them a fair idea on how it may or may not fit their house or wall.
But, but, but, this will only work if your youtube channel takes off. Otherwise your channel would be just another channel in youtube. All the effort and money you invest in creating videos and marketing the same may go in vain.
How to sell a painting through Ap creation
Sell paintings online
Application marketing is way too advanced if you are an upcoming artist. This is more of a virtual reality technology where you will have the facility to place your painting in the room or wall. You will be able to assess/rate if the painting suits your house/wall or not. This is a nice way to ensure if the painting, the color, the size suits the mood of the house.
How to sell a painting online through Youtube ads
Sell paintings online
If you have a youtube channel and if it has not taken off, this is a really good idea to push your channel. The beauty of youtube advertisement is, you can be very precise about your target audience. You can set the age, demography, language and even gender if you want. The benefit of running a youtube advertisement is that you are both growing your channel and inviting footfall on your site, therefore generating more traffic to your site. This could help you build your brand really fast and well. Youtube helps in both brand creation and enquiry generation and this how you can sell your paintings.
How to sell a painting online using Vimeo
Sell paintings online
The beauty of vimeo is that it supports adult/mature content more than youtube. If you want to sell erotic or figurative works, this is the video channel you should choose. This is much better than youtube and more linient too. If you choose the right set of tags you can take your artwork to the right set of audience.
How to sell a painting online on Linkedin
Sell paintings online
This is one of the best sites ever. They have an amazing tagging mechanism, if you use the right hastag, the site and its mechanism can do wonder to your post. Just like any other social media site, you should keep your profile really fully complete so it gets noticed when someone searhces for your service or products (paintings). Also it has a feature where you can upload videos, however sharing photos seem to perform better on Linkedin than the video.  In addition to that, you can use the article feature, where you can share your knowledge. Knowledge sharing is a beautiful way of brand building.

How to sell a painting online on Twitter
Sell paintings online
There are few ways in which you can sell on Twitter, not directly though. You can share images and videos of your painting, the key with twitter is that you should know how to use hastag. Images circulate better on twitter than videos, which probably is because of the alogorithm they set. Through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter you can create a lot of enquiries. These are good ways to interact with people. Also you can leave your phone number or mail id while you share the image of your painting. This way interested people will contact you whenever a service is required.
How to sell a painting online through your Website
Sell paintings online
It is very very important to have a website of your own. Website is a respresentation of you and all of your products. Create a beautiful website, mention everything about yourself like the achievements, your awards and your interviews. This adds more credibility to yourself and the paintings you sell. Post photos of your beautiful paintings, describe your paintings and if possible add a small video of how your painting would look in real. Ensure you drive enough traffic to your site. Few ways of driving traffic are SEO, google adwords, Facebook ads and so on. This will create a lot of enquiries for the sales of your paintings.
How to sell a painting online using your Facebook page
Sell paintings online
This is one of the best ways to brand yourself. Facebook page has several features, where people can rate your product and your credibility. Also you can run ads through your page and reach out to more customers. You can share your paintings in the form of photo and video. Also you can go live once in a while and interact with your audience. But the point is that, all of this does not happen in a day. Consistency is the key. Facebook has come up with a new way of making your video viral. In fact it is better than youtube that any video more than 3 minutes get more views on Facebook. This is one of the best ways to sell a painting.
Facebook page can be used more like a website, where you can showcase all your paintings and there is a possibility of direct payments too. You can integrate payment gateway and get your sales done through FB page.
How to sell a painting online using your Facebook profile
Sell paintings online
While Facebook page is a beautiful tool, profile is no less. The difference between Fb page and profile is that profile is more personal. People want to know more about you through you and for that profile is  a nice way to reach your audience. As you keep posting your paintings and and sketches people will get to know who you are, and what style of work you do. You will become an inspiration such that if they are interested in buying painting or learning art they will contact you via inbox or comment section.
How to sell a painting online through Google ads
Sell paintings online
Oneo f the most reliable marketing tools is Google ads. If you are new to Google ads it is better to connect with the Google expert team because there are few technical things which need to be done, which can not be achieved if you fiddle with it just by yourself. You can contact the Google team yourself and they will help you set the ad up and after a certain period of experience they will leave you on your own and if you conduct ads on your own, they may become really cheap. However you certainly need a neat website that clearly explains everything about the paintings you have and the achievements you have done so far.         
How to sell a painting online via Facebook ads
Sell paintings online
There are predominanty two ways of marketing through Facebook. You can make your target audience land on your site or you can invite them for a chat through messenger and you can explain them your painting. Messenger is the place where you can exchange information such as phone number or mail id and you can take it forward from there. However in order to run a facebook advertisement, you need to have a face book page. You can not run facebook ads from your profile.
How to sell a painting online via Facebook groups
Sell paintings online
There are several art related groups on Facebook. There are very specific groups for art sales. Look for those groups and keep sharing your images and videos. Also you can go live on those pages and share what you have. Focus on what your objective is. Look for groups with titles such as home decoration, home development, interior, interior decoration. These groups may be very very effective for your art sales.
How to sell a painting online via Art forums
Sell paintings online
This is one of the easiest ways to sell artworks, because art forums are very target specific. You will just have to post the artwork and the specifics of it. This is an easy way to connect with the other artists and get your artworks rectified for mistakes too. It is very easy to gain attention there too.

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