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Oil Paintings For Sale 1Woman kneading dough

Oil painting on canvas, 16 * 20 inches
A vast majority of Indian villages are still backward that most of them still consider cooking gas and electricity a luxury. Women from these villages have to walk several miles in search of firewood and potable water. They identify the right trees that can be used as firewood, cut them into pieces and carry them back to their village. Tales of young women missing out on school or college to help their families are common across the Indian countryside even today. Rural women in India toil so hard and they play a key role in food production and form a large proportion of the agricultural work force.

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This is one of my best works (oil paintings for sale) that displays composition, balance of light, and distribution of colors. I prefer to paint outdoor works. This is one such painting of a rural woman going about her everyday chores. The painting shows the woman draped in natural light.
Indian skin is quite hard to achieve. I believe that the fact the oil colors were created by westerners is a prime reason why it is hard to achieve the Indian skin tone, despite the various color exercises and color combinations we try. However, in this oil painting, I was pretty happy with the skin tone I achieved. The reflection of natural day light on the skin is easy to paint compared to the reflection of arranged indoor light on the skin.
Large oil paintings

Oil Paintings For Sale 2Girl In White Chudidhar

Oil painting on canvas, 20 * 16 inches
This is the painting of a beautiful Indian girl sitting on a rock enjoying her evening hours. It is a well known fact that tourists visit Indian beaches for sunbathing. One of the merits of being in India is that we are bestowed with large amounts of vitamin D. This increases the melanin in the skin, thus producing a natural tan, resulting in a dark skin. This is one such innocent dark-colored girl spending her day with her friends. Her expression shows that she is engaged in a conversation with her company who are not a part of the composition. 😊
For painting Indian skins, I can say it is safe to use colors such as crimson lake and scarlet lake. Most Indians have a dark skin tone. To bring out the glow of the skin, I back myself with subdued combinations of vermillion hue. Skin is such a wonder. No matter how many colors and combinations I use, the numerous possibilities continue to amaze me.
Another aspect I strictly go by, is the color pattern. I use lite colors such as shades of yellow and orange to differentiate the shadowed and the light-reflecting parts of the painting.
Large oil paintings

Oil Paintings For Sale 3 – A Woman Praying To Pillaiyar

Oil painting on canvas, 24 * 36 inches
India is a developing economy. It is true that many villages and small towns in India lack the basic infrastructure to provide good quality education to children. The lack of basic education in rural India is the root cause of several problems—child marriage being one of them. Most of our villages still believe that saving up for a daughter’s dowry is more important than education for the daughter.
The painting (oil painting for sale) depicts a young Indian woman prays to Lord Ganesh (Pillaiyar) so she gets her marriage postponed.. so she could finish her graduation.. so she could get a job.. and so she could think of an independent and empowered life.
When it comes to the technical aspects of this painting, similar to the paintings above, outdoor light is my forte. It is so good to paint the whole image in one tone and then go back and forth with the shading to add details. This technique helps differentiate between the shadowed parts and the parts covered by light. I’ve employed the old masters’ teachings of glazing to bring out the effect of shadow. By gradually applying diluted oily layers of dark color, we gain tremendous command over a controlled shadow effect.
Large oil paintings

Oil Paintings For Sale 4 – College going girl

Oil painting on canvas, 20 * 16 inches
What she wears is called half-saree (Thavani in our local language, Tamil). We are getting westernized day-by-day and most women embrace the cosmopolitan culture to wear whatever suit their style and comfort. Even young women of our villages are gradually moving away from half-sarees to salwars. It is sad that whenever a woman in India is teased or harassed, she gets blamed for the way she dresses. That is the main reason why women wear whatever is common in their culture than wearing something they prefer. The portrait shows a young lady on her way to college. She has a fair skin tone. Her expression reflects a bit of disgust because of the restrictions forced upon her by the society.

Technically fair Indian skin is a treat to paint. In general, fair skin is easy and comfortable to paint because it reflects a lot of light. It is not very challenging like the dark skin. To me it was easy to highlight the aesthetics of the situation in the painting. It usually takes a month after the painting is completed to understand if its technically good or bad. It took me 4 months to understand the aesthetics of this one. Fortunately, I would give this painting of mine a good score. 😊
Large oil paintings

Oil Paintings For Sale 4 – Girl checking crop

Oil painting on canvas, 20* 31 inches
Agriculture is the backbone of India. Villagers have adept knowledge in agriculture. Their knowledge is attributed to the way they are brought up. They also ensure that they bring their children up knowledgeable about agriculture. Most of our women are also trained in agriculture and they have vast knowledge on agricultural nuances such as irrigation, ploughing, and checking the health of the crops.
Their knowledge ensures that they are not dependent on other jobs. The woman in the portrait is checking the crops for bugs and diseases that may affect the harvest. Our country is well-suited for agriculture, thanks to the fertility, sunlight and rain.
Unfortunately, our parties think that it is an archaic occupation and they don’t seem to give a collective and synchronous approach towards the development of it. They may start eating currency sheets very soon and would be training us, the public the same.
The garland she is wearing on her hair is jasmine which is a common practice in Southern India. Bangles, half-saree, and the jasmine garland are specific to India, especially the villages of Tamil Nadu.
Exploring fair skin is one of my favorites. It is quite easy to understand fair skin. I feel these fair skins have the capacity to connect with the artists on a personal level. When it comes to crops, plantation, foliage, trees and any such natural resources, I strive to capture the random patterns that nature offers. It is amazing and absolutely awe-inspiring. I love nature for the fact that it never ceases to surprise me.

Ramya Sadasivam has been practicing art since 2006. She so loves to portray Indian culture, customs, day to day chores of the hard working laborers, happy village life and life of women.

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