An artistic tribute to the series Game of Thrones – Dry brush

Had there not been a breakup in the spring of 2014, I would never have unfolded the natural attitude of mine – The Game of Thrones’ aficionado. I proved myself an active fighter in the initial phase of detachment, but not gone a month until the reality made me a victim of separation anxiety. From prior experience and by the suggestion of friends, I tried distraction as the best hack to pull myself out of the bottomless pit. Here, I found no alternative taking over my grief but the introduction to the then number one TV show GOT. Call it a need of the hour or the robust blend of acting and script, GOT worked as the best medication I craved for to get rid of meditation hours about my ex.
Game of Thrones worked like a magic spree that consumed me entirely in. Unlike other sitcoms, it got me addicted, as I found myself completing and drifting from one season to another in no time. The basic idea that my mind possessed about sitcoms was that of a film critic who keeps their nose high when smelling something. I thought sitcoms were an absolute waste of time and nothing worth one could learn from it. However, my notion and hatred for the TV vanished when I got to watch GOT. A powerful script, in addition to historical cum mythological concept, contributes to the making of Game of Thrones one of the top sitcoms ever produced.
Interesting twists and turns of Game of Thrones
The building of something extravagant reckons no bars, and same appeared the case in my experience with GOT. Unlike dozen of the TV serials, which keep a beloved character going for years, GOT butchered every character one by one, which seemed to place a prominent impact on people’s choice. Favorite characters kept dying in the course of rivalry, as the story advanced further to unravel the conspiracies to secure the throne. Many a time I was stunned by the move of ministers and kings, that is how brothers and friends turn against in the lust to gain power and glory. Red wedding was one of the episodes which took me by surprise. The brutal murder of pregnant queen, Talisa, wife of Rob Stark, punctured the harsh character concealed within me. The level of violence and conspiracy see no bars; I came to witness it in this heartbreaking episode. It shattered every chunk of hope I planned for her. But the love for violence in the mind of RR Martin crushed the daydreams and spoiler theory of GOT fans.
But for an artist, nothing goes without transmitting inspiration, and same occurred with me. How could I let go this significant opportunity without unearthing something that could add a new chapter to my painting career? I was blessed with this innate art, so I made my mind to carve out anything that could add to color some white papers and kept my blood from freezing. With a firm hand on canvas and a substantial catch on brush, I started portraying the favorite GOT characters of mine. It’s said if you prepare for something with a plan, the reward comes inevitably. The journey that began as a fun experiment, turned out to be the project unraveling the secret talent hidden inside me. The dormant lust embedded deep in some corner of my mind started catching fire, as I envisioned myself as a professional artist that can translate the spirit of GOT through the medium of paintings.
Exciting Game of Thrones’ audience
I knew about the vast audience of GOT out there, so to attract a part of them, I got involved in my mission to make the characters live again. Hard work never goes in vain. I never surrendered to my depression on drawing oval faces. As the canvas after canvas paintings submerged me into the world of paint and imagination, my face paled and fingers curled, but that winning moment broke all the pain I went through when one close friend of mine admired my work and paid a reasonable price for it. It was the 40th work when I realized a tremendous shift in confidence, as I saw the endeavor resulting mundane artwork into some useful reward. This exercise helped me capture the mood and features of the characters in one face – without deteriorating the face and the expression.
The project proved to be a big hit on social media. Gradually, the number of followers hiked to surmount me real social fame. This project made me a professional face drawing artist. When I experienced the confidence surging, I started filming my projects. It took me four months to create video tutorial of the lessons learned from 50-character-portrait-exercise. I was familiar with the video editing skill, so I coupled it with my domain to carve out a better result. All the ground works, like shooting the portrait painting, video editing, framing syllabus, adding subtitles, I did on my own without any third hand participated. You can find the video tutorial on the inscribed link, in which you will find inspiration to drive your painting work further. I designate my craft as a tribute to the die-hard fans of GOT worldwide.
Hodor (Dry Brush technique)
When the secret revealed on the screen how ‘hold the door’ turned into Hodor, the affection for Arya dominated his caring for himself, and he became a hero by sacrificing his life for the welfare of royal kids, I couldn’t stop my tears overflow, like most of you guys out there.
Ygritte (Dry Brush technique)
When the red-haired beauty said, we should have never departed from the cave. Yes, my heart bled like all of you.
Missandei (Dry Brush technique)
One of the trivial characters that gained pace slowly and turned profound, which address us to the lessons of trust, positivity, and loyalty. Every time she appeared on the screen, I wondered how beautiful cum intelligent she was.
Greyworm (Dry Brush technique)
The short love stories embedded in the course of GOT can’t be ignored, as we know the passerby couples bolstering the progress of sitcom in many ways possible. Such is the bravery saga of Greyworm how he died fighting for Khaleesi
Jorah Mormont (Dry Brush technique)
His devotion could never become viral, but the silent spark he held inside his heart for Khaleesi made him finish the adventurous journeys, all in the name of love.
Ned Stark (Dry Brush technique)

The first influential character introduced in GOT. We know him as the trustworthy hand of the kind. What we learned from him is how being loyal and smart incur your death.
Samuel Tully (Dry Brush technique)
What we learned from the daring step of GOT is that physical stature has less to do with the making of a great character. Though the physical attribute of Samuel Tully never made him a hero, his doings unquestionably affected the ideology of many.
Oberyn Martell (Dry Brush technique)

He volunteered himself to fight on behalf of our favorite fellow Tyrion Lannister. After Oberyn Martell was crushed to death by the Hound, my brother said something that hit me very hard. He said that the actions of a person are more important the intention of a person. Oberyn paid a huge price for being a little careless around in the field. He may have had high moral values and pure intentions but his wrong actions paved way to his death.
Olenna Martell (Dry Brush technique)
The beauty of Game of Thrones is how all the trivial characters play such important roles and attribute to such interesting turn of events. You all know what I am talking about. She gave us one of the finest twits we were waiting for, isn’t it?
Tyrion Lannister (Dry Brush technique)

He shares the same grief what all bastards in the north, as he claims how being pimp is equal to a bastard. Stabbed in the heart by the betrayal of his girlfriend and father, the poor fellow sees nothing but to assassinate both of them to complete his revenge. His story makes all fans cry including myself.

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